How to change the WiFi password of the AT&T router?

Obviously, free Wifi brings many friends, because everywhere you will see someone looking for a wireless connection.

In most commemorative events and special celebrations, the most reliable people ask for access to the Wifi key, but when the wireless network is free to access for everyone, the connections could collapse.

Public places, restaurants, hotels, etc., have as a strategy the use of Free Wifi with the intention of calling customers, which represents a market strategy.

Free Wifi can attract customers, but also run the risk of company information being infiltrated. So, for your safety, keep some kind of “friends” away from your Wifi.

How do I access my U-Verse Wi-Fi network name and key modem?

The security of your wireless network is very important, usually, when you install your optical fiber or DSL internet they leave the passwords installed by default on your modem/router device, so it is convenient to modify or update them so that you are more secure with your home internet U-Verse or any form.

Smart Home Manager web

  1. Launch the URL: “” or “” in your web browser.
  2. Supply the “User ID” and “Password” and “SIGN IN”.
  3. Click “More” and choose “Network”.
  4. Select your “Wi-Fi network name”, for editing press the “X”.
  5. In “Password” enter a wireless key.
  6. Finally “Save”.

Smart Home Manager App (from phone)

  1. Download or install the app (apple store for iPhone and Play store for android).
  2. Log in with your AT&T ID.
  3. Choose “Network” then set the Wi-Fi name or key to modify and click the “X” symbol.
  4. Ends by pressing “Save”.

2Wire Gateway 3600HGV, 3801HGV, 3800 HGV-B, i38HG / Pace 5031NV, 5168NV, 4111N / Netgear 7550 B90 / Westell 327W

  1. Go to the IP address: “”.
  2. Tap “Wireless”.
  3. Find your passcode behind your modem/router on the sticker, log in and “Continue”.
  4. In “Network Name (SSID)” add a new Wi-Fi name.
  5. In the Security section select the drop-down box “WPA-PSK (TKIP) AND WPA2-PSK (AES)”.
  6. Check “Use Custom Wireless network Key” or “Use custom pass phrase” if needed and set a Wi-Fi passcode.
  7. Then “Save”.

2Wire 2701 HGV-B (Black)

  1. Touch “Home Networks” and “Edit Settings”.
  2. Your key is behind your router/modem device on the label and clicks “Submit”.
  3. In the “Network Name” field modify your Wi-Fi name.
  4. Choose “WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK” in the authentication.
  5. Check “Use custom passphrase” and fill in a new wifi passcode.
  6. Now “Save”.

Arris NVG599, BGW210

  1. Open “” in your address bar.
  2. Press “Home Network” and “Wi-Fi”.
  3. See behind your modem/router your key for access and “Continue” or “Submit”.
  4. In the “Radio Selection” drop-down select 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz radio.
  5. Check the “Custom network name” in the “Network Name (SSID)” box and type a wireless name.
  6. Choose “WPA-PSK” in Security drop-down and supply a Wi-Fi passcode
  7. Finally “Save”.

Motorola NVG589, NVG510

  1. Launch the Website: “”.
  2. Click “Home Network” and “Wireless”.
  3. If you forgot your passcode the “Device Access Code” can find it behind your router/modem on a sticker and “Submit”.
  4. In “Network Name (SSID)” enter a Wi-Fi name.
  5. In the “Security” drop-down select “WPA – Custom” and set a Wi-Fi key.
  6. Ends by pressing “Save”.

Pace 5268AC

Option 1

  1. Go to the IP: “”.
  2. In “Gateway Status” tap “Wireless”.
  3. in the “Network Name (SSID)” box fill a Wi-Fi name.
  4. Check “Use custom Wi-Fi Network password” and type a Wi-Fi passcode.
  5. Finally “Save”.

Option 2

  1. Open the web: “”.
  2. Touch “Settings” then “LAN” and “Wi-Fi”.
  3. Supply a “Network Name (SSID)” if necessary.
  4. Check “Use custom Wi-Fi Network Password” and enter a wireless key.
  5. Now “Save”.

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