How to change the WiFi password of the Mediacom router?

The optimal functioning of your Wifi network depends on the security applied to it, both in the distribution of the signal and in the speed of navigation, which is why it is important to always improve protection.

For this reason, you should take care to promote periodic changes of the key and the name of the network, through the use of complicated combinations in the key, also placing particularly difficult names to the Wifi, in turn, avoid placing some relational thread between the key of the Wifi and the name of the network.

To keep your network free of intruders, it is necessary to improve the characteristics of the configuration of the router, in order to establish high security in the handling of Wifi.

Guide for changing your Mediacom wireless internet password

First, confirm that you have an internet connection on your computer, tablet, or phone to your modem device either wirelessly or via a network cable.

According to your model settings, perform the following instructions:

Setup using the Control Panel of Home Network Manager

  1. Access to the page: “”.
  2. Login in the control panel using “Username” your email address associated with your service or Mediacom ID and your key in “Passphrase” (Default: “mediacom16“) and click “Login”. (If you forgot your password click on “Forgot your Passphrase? and follow the instructions.)
  3. In “Please select one of your gateways to manage:” select your router model.
  4. Press “OK”.
  5. Click on the word “WiFi” on the left side in the section “My Wireless Network”.
  6. In the box “Wireless Networks” in “Network Name (SSID)” add a new wireless name.
  7. In the field “Passphrase” change your Wi-Fi key.
  8. Ends up pressing “Save” at the top.

For a bird to fly, it needs space. Anything that gets in its way will prevent it from flying. Nor will you commonly see a bird flying with a weight greater than its own. I mean, can you imagine a canary flying with a dog on it? It wouldn’t be able to fly! And if it carried weight, its flight would be slower than the common and unsafe for its life.

In the same way, the more people that enter your network, the slower you will have access to it and in a moment it could collapse. That’s why the security of your internet must be optimal, with the best access data, changing it periodically and checking the devices that connect to it, so you can make your internet fly!

If you find it very difficult to follow the steps to make the settings to your device, feel free to approach the technical support of your internet company and raise the issue so they can solve the problem you need to solve, they through their system can make the changes remotely, you just have to identify yourself and follow their instructions by phone or by technical assistance at home, go to them and do not stay with the doubt and if they don’t solve your problem, change your service.

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