How to change the WiFi password of the Optimum router?

Today all over the world the internet is fundamental, it helps us connect with people, pay our bills, shop online, and promote our business, it helps us access information quickly, so it is also important to handle it with care about everyone if your children use it.

By not securing your wireless network, your computer’s connection will be directly affected, it will have a low operating performance and of course, other people will be able to access your connection and information.

That’s why it’s important to look at how to protect your Wifi and maintain an optimal connection.

The method is simpler than you think, you just have to control the security settings by changing the user and password from time to time.

What you need to do is to have a key that protects your wireless network, DO NOT allow your Wifi to be free.

It must be a complex password so that nobody can guess it. We recommend that they have symbols, capital letters, small letters, and numbers. That will make your password strong.

How do I configure my Wi-Fi name and password?

Make sure you are connected to your internet via cable or wi-fi, then through the different positives either laptop, mobile, or tablet you can improve the security of your wireless network in a simple way.

Accessing from the official home website

  1. Open the web: “” in your favorite browser and Login with your account.
  2. Click “Guest Network” and check the box next to “Setup Guest Network”.
  3. In “Basic Settings” in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz section you can make the settings, it is the same network but for 2 different bands, it is recommended that both have the same wireless name and key.
  4. In “Network Name (SSID)” you can modify it.
  5. Add a new wi-fi passcode in the “Wireless Password” field.
  6. Press “Save Changes”.

Reset and Turn off your Optimum modem/router

Turn off

Disconnect the main power cable, once disconnected, wait until it has been turned off properly and reconnect it if necessary.


If you want to reset it because you lost your username or ID go to the following page: “”, if you don’t find your password in the following link: “” you can get a new one with the help of your mobile phone or e-mail address.

In some routers, there is a small hole with a button that when pressed for a few seconds resets to the factory settings.

What makes my Wi-Fi network unsafe?

In these times, the insecurity of your network or cyber theft is very common, so you should keep it protected so you don’t fall victim to it.

The main insecurity factor in a network is keeping the keys and usernames pre-configured at the factory, as they are standard keys that a hacker can decipher and thus gain access to:

  • Your information.
  • Your Internet connection.
  • Your personal data.

The best way to avoid cyber theft is to change the data provided by the factory for personalized ones, we invite you to use these tips and thus have a secure Internet network.

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