How to change the WiFi password of the PLDT router?

At present, WIFI networks have gained great importance in the life of human beings, but with this many problems arise regarding their security.
Most people tend to keep the keys provided by the factory, which is not recommended because anyone can access your network easily.

Problems caused by not changing the WI-FI key

  1. Slow connection.
  2. They can have access to the data you send and receive.
  3. You can run out of internet connection.

Changing the password on your WI-FI network is something you should not overlook, we invite you to protect your PLDT network and provide a new password with this help.

Steps to easily modify the PLDT router passwords

The first thing you need is to make sure that the modem is connected via wifi or cable, the change can be made from the PC, Laptop, using a cell phone on the Android mobile, or on Apple devices, all you need is a browser.


  1. Open your favorite browser then type into the address bar the default IP: “” or “”.
  2. You need to supply de User Name: “adminpldt” and Password: “1234567890”, if it doesn’t work use “admin” and pass “1234” and click login.
  3. Go to “Setup” in the top menu.
  4. Then “WLAN” and “Security” are on the left.
  5. Here in “Pre-Shared Key” you need to input your new password.
  6. Press “Apply Changes”.
  7. You need to wait for about 20 seconds then just press the “save” button.

HOME Fibr / Fiber

  1. Launch: “”.
  2. Fill in Username “adminpldt” and Password “1234567890” or “admin” and pass “1234” and press “Login”.
  3. Touch on “Network” in the top menu and “Advanced”  on the left.
  4. In the “SSID Name” box add a new wi-fi name and password in “Pass Phrase”.
  5. Tap “Apply”.


If the previous passwords do not work or if you want to reset your PLDT router, pay attention to the following:

  1. Go to the back of your modem.
  2. Locate the area where it says “Reset” and with a needle or something similar press the button for 20 seconds until the lights begin to flash.
  3. Now just wait for them to learn all the lights completely again without blinking.

Home Prepaid Smart LTE

  1. Go to “” or “”.
  2. Login details must be in your manual.
  3. Once logged in, click on the “Settings” tab and select “WiFi Settings”.
  4. Then in the “Network Name (SSID)” field change your wireless name and in “Password” your key.
  5. Press “Apply”.

Home | Fibr Huawei HG8145V

  1. Open the URL: “”.
  2. Set Username: “adminpldt” and password: “1234567890”.
  3. Click “WLAN” -> then “2.4GBasic Network Settings” or “5G Basic Network Settings”.
  4. Tick “Enable WLAN”.
  5. Type in “SSID Name” a Wi-Fi name and in “WPA PreSharedKey” your new password.
  6. And tap “Apply”.

myDSL PROLiNK H5004N / PRS1241B

  1. Enter the URL: “”.
  2. Use the User Name “adminpldt” and Password “1234567890” then touch on “Ok”.
  3. Click “Wireless” in the top menu and select “Security”.
  4. In the “Pre-Shared Key” field you can modify your key.
  5. Tap “Apply Changes” to end.

Home Ultera

  1. Go to the IP: “”.
  2. Enter in Username “homebro” and Password “homebro” and press “Log in”.
  3. Touch “Wireless” on the left and select “Security”.
  4. In the “Pre-Shared Key” box you can set a password.
  5. Click “Modify”.

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