How to change the WiFi password of the Suddenlink router?

Anchoring yourself to free Wifi is very common in the context of the digital age in which the world finds itself, however, in companies, shops, and even at home, the risks involved in keeping a Wifi network free are often unknown.

One of these risks is the slow Wifi, that is, the performance of the connection is minimized in each of the computers that are in the place where the Wifi is installed.

There is also the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime, which is dedicated to the theft of the personal data of network users and also the rest of the information that is transmitted from the devices that are used, to be used in an illegal manner.

How do I modify my Wi-Fi network username and password?

The security in the routers and modems is compromised because they are installed with a key that comes by default which can be infringed, so it is important to change it as soon as you hire new internet at home, follow the steps according to the model of your modem or router that you have.

From the official website

  1. Go to “”.
  2. Supply your “Username” and “Password” and click “Log In” or sign up for a new account.
  3. Touch “Settings” at the top right then “Passwords & Security”.
  4. Press “Change Password”.
  5. Type your old key and the new key.
  6. Save settings.

General routers guide

  1. Open the URL: “”
  2. Use “cusadmin” as Username and “password” as the Password then click “Apply”.
  3. Press “Change Password”.
  4. Fill in “old password” set “new password” and tap “Set”.
  5. End with “Apply”.

Hitron CODA-4582 / CGN3AMR / CGNM3552 / CGN3ACR / ACSMR

  1. Launch in your address bar: “”.
  2. Enter “cusadmin” in the Username field and “password” in the Password and click “Login”.
  3. Click “Wireless” from the top menu and later “Basic settings”.
  4. In the “Multiple SSID Settings” section go to the “Password” box and type a new wireless key.
  5. Finish with “Save changes”.

How to reset your Suddenlink WiFi?

  1. First, you need to disconnect the power cable.
  2. Wait for 30 to 60 seconds and then reconnect it.
  3. Try again to connect to your wireless.

Reasons to keep your internet protected

If you want a secure and protected connection, you must provide a passcode, because sometimes technicians do not usually enter a new one, making the internet free and anyone can access it.
This is detrimental to you, as your information may be at risk and your network may feel extremely slow, as you will be left with a free connection for anyone to access.
We suggest that you provide a trusted passcode so that only you and your loved ones can browse through it, one of the passwords you could choose would be one that has numbers and letters, combinations with upper and lower case, and some weird symbol that you can easily remember, don’t write it down on a piece of paper, better memorize it, if you make combinations it might not even be that long because it wouldn’t be necessary, another recommendation you can make is to disable the WPS function within your device configuration.

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