How to change the WiFi password of the TDS modem?

Today, Wifi is necessary to connect all your devices to the Internet and thus perform all your operations.

Electronic equipment increasingly deserves an Internet connection. For this reason, many people are constantly looking for a Wifi signal to connect to.

Some people have free Wifi so that their friends can connect immediately, but this is not recommended.

Even if you have a noble intention, the truth is that you are doing great damage to your family and friends information. The risk for companies and individuals who do not protect their Wifi network is more serious than they think.

It is important that you use protection on your Wifi, so that your passwords, bank accesses, and relevant information remain safe.

How do I modify my TDS Telecom Wi-Fi router login and password?

Normally when you contract internet service and they install it, they leave the default passwords on your modem or router, which are easily hacked so it is necessary to change the settings to make your wireless network more secure, you can use your PC, tablet or phone, here is the following manual:


  1. Launch the site: “”.
  2. Use “admin” for Username and Password fields and press “Login”.
  3. In the “Network Name (SSID)” box enter a new wireless name.
  4. Select “WPA2-PSK”, WPA2 is an encryption that will give you more security.
  5. Add a Wi-Fi passcode in “WPA Preshared Key”.
  6. Finish with “Apply”.

TDS Wi-Fi Modem GT784WN / T3200M

  1. Go to the page: “” in your favorite browser.
  2. Click on the “Wireless Setup” top menu.
  3. Type a network name in the “SSID Name” field.
  4. In “Security Key Type” active “Use Custom Key/Passphrase”.
  5. Supply a new Wi-Fi key in “Use Custom Key/Passphrase”.
  6. End with “Apply”.

Setup if the internet light is orange or red

  • If it happened after a power outage, wait 5 minutes, if it’s still the same restart, now the lights should be green.
  • If rebooting doesn’t work either, you have to reset the device, get a needle, insert it into the back of the modem in a very small hole that you have for about 30 seconds, and release it and the problem should be solved.

Your business or home devices may be connected to the internet with Internet access where all information relevant to your personal and work life is transmitted.

In order to avoid insecurity problems, it is important that you protect it by maintaining the habits that will improve the performance of the network. In addition, the security of your device will prevent hackers from accessing it.

One of the uncommon habits is to periodically monitor if there are strange devices connected through it, even check your Smart tv, refrigerator, tablets, and everything that can be connected to the internet, simply follow the instructions to the letter, do not ask a stranger or neighbor to help you, ask a family member or someone you trust, do not let anyone in, this way you will benefit and you will not have problems with your cable service.

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