Tips to keep your WiFi network safe

Today, wireless networks are an indispensable tool, and maintaining your security is very important, especially since most people manage their bank accounts through online banking, day-to-day activities, and jobs. They make transfers, payments, changes of passwords, and access data to it, among other procedures that were previously managed physically.

That is favorable for a busy person, but it also results in many electronic crimes being committed.

Someone who usually has many occupations may forget to protect their wireless Internet network or does not matter. It does not seem to be something necessary, but it is something that costs nothing and will save you many problems.

The least you should do is enter a password that is difficult to access, with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols in your router browser. This will make it difficult for hackers to access your bank account.

It is normal to want to keep your network safe, but it is common to ignore the most effective ways to do so.

Methods to protect your Wi-Fi

  • Provides a secure and personalized key or password.
  • Modify the username.
  • Define the visibility of your connection.
  • Choose correctly the people who will have access to your Wi-Fi connection.

It is very important to keep your wireless safe, as this decreases the chances of being a victim of hackers and cyber theft, so, after giving you these tools, we invite you to put our Tips into practice and thus browse through the internet in a safe and secure way. All you need is to use the following information according to the router you have and change your WiFi password, with the help of a few steps, search and check among the following telecommunications companies the model of the devices you are using:

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What do I need?

You only need to locate in which company you have your internet service, there are many companies that offer it, but not all of them have the same procedure, it depends on the model of the modem or router, all the devices have different configuration software configured, but more or less they follow a guideline, you only need:

  • Choose your cable company and the brand or model of your device
  • Search it in the section above.
  • Select your model from the list.
  • Follow a few simple steps.
  • And you will have your password changed.

Have you heard the saying: "Another day, another dollar"? It refers to the motivation that the person feels when getting up.

That new day will give you a new income. The Internet is not only something new, now it is a lifestyle, where you get up and can work with it. For many, well-used wifi is equivalent to good economic income.

Most companies request employees to manage their data, social networks, web pages, and writing articles, among others. While the performance of your wireless network is better, your productivity will be higher, so your income and bonuses will undoubtedly increase.

So, cheer up and protect your wireless network, which is the source of your higher income.