How to change the WiFi password of the Windstream router?

The security configuration of your Wifi network is important to keep it updated and avoid unpleasant situations regarding its use. For this, it is necessary to take into account advice such as the permanent review of the said configuration, the periodic change of password, and the name of the network. Try turning off the router when you are not using it, in the same way, perform a sporadic verification of those who connect to your network.

These tips are really important since it is important to maintain a Wi-Fi network in optimal conditions to have good and fast Internet browsing, through the devices you have. By minimizing the security of your Wifi, you could compromise your personal data and other information with which criminal activities can be generated through the Internet.


How do I set up my Wi-Fi and login modem?

First, you need to make sure that your router is properly connected and that you have a device on hand such as a laptop or cell phone with a connection to your wireless network.

Changing Wireless Network Password or Name

Follow the steps of this simplified manual for support:

To modify the name:

  1. Launch your internet browser and type “”.
  2. Scroll down a checkmark in the first enabled box that is not checked.
  3. In the “SSID field” to the right of the checked box enter the wireless network name you want.
    Click “Apply”.

To modify the key:

  1. Open the URL “”.
  2. In the manual Setup AP in the field “WPA/WAPI passphrase” enter your new password.
  3. End with “Apply/Save”.


  1. Go to “”.
  2. Type “admin” for Username and Password.
  3. Click on “Home Network” then “Wireless Settings”.
  4. Here in “Wireless Security” tap “Use custom pass phrase” and fill in the “Key” field.
  5. Finish with “Save”.

F@ST 1704N

  1. Type in your address bar “”.
  2. “admin” for Username and Password field.
  3. Tap “Wireless” left menu and select “Basic”.
  4. In the “SSID” box set the new name of your Wi-Fi.
  5. “Apply/Save”.
  6. Now click “Security” on the left.
  7. Choose your current Wifi name in “Select SSID”.
  8. In “Network Authentication” press “WPA2-PSK”.
  9. Supply a pass in “WPA/WAPI passphrase”.
  10. Save changes in “Apply/Save”.

Sagem 2705 / 4320 / 1704N

  1. Enter the IP adress “”.
  2. Type “admin” for both Username and password, in model 2705 the key is on the back of the device.
  3. Click “Wireless” in the left menu and then “Security”.
  4. The “Network Authentication” box must be “WPA2-PSK”.
  5. In the “WPA Pre-Shared Key” field set a new password.
  6. Finally “Apply/Save”.

Factory reset:

    1. Get a pointed object like a needle or stick.
    2. Insert it into the hole in the back of the router and press for 3 seconds
    3. The lights will change and when they stabilize it will be operational again.

Actiontec T3200

  1. Launch “” in your favorite web browser.
  2. In Username fill, “admin” and password is on the back of the device in a sticker.
  3. Press “Wireless Setup” at the top.
  4. Choose which wireless band you need (2.4ghz or 5ghz).
  5. Select “WPA2 and Encryption Type AES”.
  6. Click to use “Custom Key/Passphrase”.
  7. Ends with “Apply”.

Factory reset:

    1. With a needle or something pointed go to the back of the router.
    2. Find a hole and insert it there, and press for 15 seconds until the lights flash.
    3. Once the lights have stopped the device can be used again.

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