How to change the WiFi password of the Xfinity & Comcast router?

You don’t need to be a well-known person or have an exorbitant inheritance for a hacker to crave your information.

Unfortunately, everyone has someone who would do anything to get the information off their personal devices. This can easily be accomplished when your wireless network is not protected.

Wifi protection means prioritizing what happens to your Wifi, and keeping track of devices that have connected without your consent will save you a lot of hassle.

This way, you can disconnect these devices and lock them into your security settings. Don’t leave your Internet access free and use a complex password, so you can keep those who want to hack into your Wifi away.

How do modify your Wi-Fi key?

To update the access data to your home network is really easy, just follow a few steps to secure your home internet, if you forgot your password or access data there is an option to retrieve it in the login area.

Via Xfinity My Account app for mobile

  1. Open or Install the “Xfinity My Account app” from the play store or Apple store.
  2. All the way down to tap “Internet”.
  3. Select your wireless network.
  4. Touch “Change WiFi Settings”.
  5. Edit “WiFi name”, if needed.
  6. In “Password” add a new Wi-Fi passcode.
  7. Ends by pressing “Save”.

From Xfinity My Account Online website

  1. Go to “” in your favorite browser.
  2. Press “Settings” and choose “Internet” below the “XFINITY Services” section.
  3. Click “WiFi credentials”.
  4. Modify your “WiFi Name” and “WiFi Password” in “Edit”,  blue letters.
  5. Finally “Save”.

Xfinity xFi

  1. Launch web site “” or install the “xFi app” on your phone.
  2. Choose your Wi-Fi name.
  3. Click “Edit WiFi” on the website or the “Pencil” symbol in the app.
  4. Then “Apply Changes”.

Xfinity Status Center

  1. Type the “” page in your address bar.
  2. In “Edit with xFi” or “Manage WiFi Settings” you can add new access data for your Wi-Fi.
  3. Save changes.

Xfinity Wireless Gateway Admin Tool

  1. Open the IP: “”.
  2. Set “admin” for Username and “password” for the Password box and press “LOGIN”.
  3. In the “Gateway” left menu tap “Connection” and “WiFi”.
  4. In “Edit” modify your network name.
  5. Now click “Save Settings”.

Comcast business wireless gateway

  1. Enter “” in your browser.
  2. Use “cusadmin” for Username and “highspeed” or “CantTouchThis” in the Password field, sign in.
  3. Press “Change Password” right top menu.
  4. In “Current Password” fill “highspeed” or “CantTouchThis”.
  5. Click “SAVE”.

How do I reset my cable or voice modem?

  • First, you need to look for the reset button on the back of the modem which may be inside a hole.
  • Press and hold it for 5 seconds and then wait a little while until it has fully turned on to reconnect, the passwords may be reset to the default ones.
  • If your modem/router does not have this reset button then just disconnect it from the power cable for 10 seconds and then once it is connected again wait 30 seconds for everything to start up correctly.

Remember to keep your passwords safe and not give them to just anyone and update them from time to time so that you are always safe.

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